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Jersey Cheshire Home 30th Anniversary

Jersey Cheshire Home has been providing care for physically disabled residents for
30 years, but faced challenges to update facilities which funding could not cover. They identified rehabilitation and day care services could generate revenue, but enquiries weren’t coming in.   

Market research revealed the misconception that the home was an elderly care
home, not a home for the physically disabled. Momentum from the 2012 Paralympics made it a good time to relaunch as public support for disability was high.

We were briefed to create a marketing strategy to realign brand perception, inform the public, potential partners and raise funds.

Using the deeply moving stories of some of the residents, we identified the target audience, and hit them hard with a bright and inspiring campaign. Repositioning the home with a refreshed brand and 30th Anniversary mark we undertook regular cross media advertising, held fabulous fundraising events and developed strategic community partnerships.

A year later there is no doubt the campaign’s primary objective has been achieved raising over £300,000 as well as being selected as Jersey Large Charity of the Year, chosen charity for ITV, Chamber of Commerce and Battle of Flowers!